Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fantasy Canyon

On Sunday we headed about hour south of Vernal to Fantasy Canyon.  It was awesome and well worth the drive. 
There is an Indian Legend inspired by this canyon....
Indian Legend:
Images of Fantasy Canyon have inspired the following Indian Legend – Written by George E. Stewart over an interview with Muse Harris, Indian Chief (know to the Indians as Chief Red Moose)…
“ONE DAY, the story goes, the evil creatures of the nether regions, tired of living in the dark and dank, decided to dig up to the surface and take over everything above and below the earth. They dug and the ground trembled and rumbled in their work.
Two coyotes heard the rumble, and curious, as all coyotes are, couldn’t resist the urge to investigate. The pair discovered the plot of the creatures from down under and in a trice howled the alarm to all their fellow mortals round-about.
A great council was held to decide what to do; it would take more than mortal power to stop the invasion of these supernatural beings, this they understood. Finally, they determined to send for the greatest medicine man they knew.
TWO EAGLES flew with the summons, and on the very first day, they found the great one in his mountain fastness.
The wild horses set up a relay of the fleetest stallions on earth; they bore the mighty one with the speed of the wind over mountains, rivers, valleys and plains. And it was none too soon, for as he came up White River the Sachem could see the red light in the sky where the underworld denizens had broken through.
Without sleep or rest or food the Medicine Chief went to work. First, he called on the Wind of the West and a great hurricane blew, carrying dust, dirt, rocks and trees to fill in the awful hole. But all this went for naught, it fell through to be burned in first down below.
Then the Rain God was asked for help and he sent water in clouds and torrents, but it vanished away in steam and mist, while the Devil Chief laughed loud and long and his minions screamed with glee.
THE SACHEM called to the God of the North, “Help us, help us,” he chanted and drummed, “Oh, Great Lord of Ice and Snow.”
Help came as swift as an arrow; intense, deep, bitter cold. The North God caught the denizens of the deep as they gathered to spread over the world. In the wink of an eye he turned them all to ice. The Devil Chief, the Great Mother Witch, the magician and all the rest stand there just as they stood at the instant the cold struck long ago.
When the warmth came back, again the West Wind blew and as the ice melted, the dust took its place and now the monsters stand in the pit they dug all of them turned to stone. It is a warning to the evil ones down in hell to leave the good green earth alone.”
On our drive out we were greeted by a herd on Prong Horn Antelope on the road.  They ran when we got close but we were excited to be able to see them!
He was their leader :)
 Then we made our way out to the canyon.  It is literally in the middle of nowhere, on BLM land.
 It is like a very miniature version of Goblin Valley, one of our favorite spots in Utah.

 There are markers along the trail to help you spot the different named formations.

 Willow was a little bummed.  She hoped to be able to climb around on the structures but these are much more fragile than the ones in Goblin Valley. They refer to the area as Natures China Shop.

 Willow said it best.  They look like coral.

 Dinosaur spine
 Flying Dumbo

 Rowan had fun pretending to be a Dinosaur!

 Kings Throne

 Screaming man and six pack man

 Desert beauty

 Mickey Mouse

 Yawning Lady

 Gilsonite Mineral Vein
 Looking for petrified wood...

 Willow found tons of petrified wood.

 More beauty in the desert.

The antelope were here.

For more information on Fantasy Canyon visit

It was such a great trip. We can't wait to visit again.

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