Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Happy Halloween 2014! We have Outer Space, Payday, Daryl Dixon and a T-Rex.
 He wanted to shoot the crossbow...

This was Josh earlier in the day dressed for work at Chick Fil A...not sure how easy it was to work in chain mail!

 Walking the streets...
 This is not someone you want to see coming around the corner...seriously, he scared me to death!
Our neighborhood smelled really strong like spray paint or acetone...someone said it was a gas leak and called the fire department.  It ended up being the neighbors across the street who just had a new driveway put in and they apparently sealed it today with a concrete sealer.  It was HORRIFIC!  Rowan enjoyed seeing the fire truck and firemen.

 He filled his bucket 4 times today...he was done after an hour on the streets, so David and Willow kept going.

 So much to choose from...

Hope your Halloween was great!

That Time Daryl Dixon, a Monster and a T-Rex Went Trick or Treating

 Happy Halloween Day!
 First stop, Discovery Gateway...

 Trick or Treat!

 Then they asked us to take a picture for a contest to win free passes to Comic Con...hahahahah  Rowan just kept kicking the cardboard buildings over like he was King Kong.

 Ok...Willow you just do it :)
 Then there was the was kind of a hilarious joke...what happens when you give two toddlers, who like to sword fight, golf clubs?

 Off to play for a bit and meet up with friends...

 I caught him growling at himself.


 The we tried to watch the puppet was bad.  So...we left and went and got lunch with friends.

 "What is wrong with these people?" oh, are just too adorable.

 Then,we headed to David's office to trick or treat...
 They got so much candy! Rowan kept emptying his bucket into David's Backpack saying "it's full! it's too heavy!"...and at one point Talysen just set his down and left it.

Home for a nap and then off to our evening festivities!

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