Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, September 5, 2014

Unschoolers Park Day: Castle Heights

 Today was one of those great unschooler days where you get to chat with others about the joys of living this great life, while your children run free in wild abandonment.
 My sweet nature boy..."I want to go explore" he says...
 "the deep dark woods"
(photo courtesy of my friend Stephanie)

(photos courtesy of my friend Stephanie)

Mr. Grape monster!

 A pretty cool playground with lots to do...

 A sweet compliment from a friend about how she loves how confident these two are.  It is true. I have been doing this a long time and there is one thing that is consistent with unschooled kids and that is confidence.  They have been allowed to be who they are and follow their passions. A childhood full of freedom to pursue their own interests.

(photo courtesy of my friend Stephanie)

Today I listened as a park goer scolded one of the older boys for playing on the playground equipment in a way that she did not agree with and was grinning as I listened to this boy hold his own, very confident. 
 The woods behind the playground were awesome! We will be back to explore again.
 Finding sweet baby birds..."can we please take him home?" Luckily he could fly, he was just learning and she eventually made peace with leaving him in his environment.

 Capture the flag, the hunger games, lots of  It is happening and it is a beautiful thing.
 This is what freedom looks like.

(photo courtesy of my friend Stephanie)

Another great day to be an Unschooler!

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Mary Reidy said...

Great photos!
Wish I could've made it and met
all of you!
Mary Reidy/Lauren-14/Lil-11

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