Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, August 15, 2014


This kid is going through something.  His sleeping has always been horrific but lately it is so bad there are no words.  He finally fell asleep after talking nonstop for an hour .  He had to have mama fox, baby fox and turtle.  But this was short lived.  He has been waking up at odd hours demanding food and still nursing sometimes every 30 minutes! Growth spurt? Two year molars? Super moon? Who knows...we are just longing for the night it ends!
Our days start later but they are still full of fun.  We spent the afternoon at Liberty Park playing in the canyons and riding the rides.

He loved the water...



Afterwards we watched the "worker trucks" move the sand away from the beach volleyball tournament grounds.

Then we went to ride rides.  Rowan did not care for them too much :)
He did not like the sound they made.

I wonder what he is going to think of Lagoon this weekend?

I told him he was like Grandpa flying his plane!

He just kept saying "I want down!"
After the park he slept for 3 hours upstairs.  He came down and climbed in the "nanny chair" as he calls it and when I went to get a snack I looked back and he was out again! He slept here for another hour.  He even slept through Willow and I watching "I survived Jaws" on Shark Week and screaming in horror at the footage of actual shark attacks...

Then we caught a grasshopper.  Rowan took one look at him and said "he's disgusting!"  He is killing me with his new vocabulary :)
Then we were off the City Creek for Date night...
 Rowan likes to run through restaurants so we try to avoid them.  I thought we could eat Red Iguana and watch him play...but the food was gross :( Not the same as going to the actual restaurant.
 He had a blast!

 We had fun walking around the mall too... Willow found a pair of overalls that she had been dying to get.
 I had no idea that City Creek has it's own version of the Belagio Fountains.

 "I want chocolate" they we obliged :)

Sleep will come, eventually I know.  It is a good life...

He would not take his eyes off the engine...he did not like the sound it made!

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