Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, August 4, 2014


Rowan woke up and said "go see octopus?" How could I turn that down?
When we walked into the aquarium we were met by a shark...
Rowan was not about to take his eyes off that shark! I see a lot of pictures of the back of Rowan's head in our future at Disneyland next month! He is not very trusting of giant stuffed animals ;)
The Megladon...
Starfish! We really need to take him to some tide pools in Oregon. Nothing beats the real thing.

Pure joy.  This kid loves animals!

And this kid is the sting ray whisperer.
All she had to do is stick her fingers in the water and they would come from all directions.

Even the sharks...she has good energy.

"Ponyo" he screams! Jellyfish will forever be Ponyo for him.
Oh the penguins.  He was laughing so hard and so loud.  I missed it on the video below, but he kept saying "so funny"

Toucan love.

And of course the rope bridge...


Yep, time to go to Moab...Fall camping in our future.  This kid needs to see the real deal!

The otters are so adorable!

Another fabulous day at the aquarium!
Penguin Laughter

Crossing the rope bridge...

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