Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lake Mary

After Cataract Gorge, we drove to the cabin to sleep for the night.
Little did we know there were already guests visiting!
Guests that fly and might have rabies ;)
But oh my gosh are they adorable!!  We think a mama bat flew in and had babies. There were at least 5 flying around and one dead one :(
We were able to catch this one and free him. Hopefully he made it!

After we played around a bit at the cabin, chasing bats and riding the 4 wheeler, we headed into town for some brunch. We decided to try this Mexican restaurant in Midway that several of our friends have raved about, Tarahumara.

It was amazing! So, so good.  We ate waaayyy too much food!

Not only does he enjoy drinking ketchup but he also likes to drink salsa.

After lunch we drove up over Guardsman Pass to drop into Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Our hiking group, Urban Wilderness Explorers, had planned to hike Lake Mary this morning.  Most people couldn't make it and we were super late but we went ahead and hiked it.
We did this hike when Willow was 1 and I was wearing her...where did the time go?  It is so beautiful!

Love our Frogg Toggs.  Best invention ever!
Nannie break...

Brighton down below...

He is becoming quite the hiker.

He was hiding from me in the flowers and then he would pop up and just laugh :)

We made it to the lake! It is a short hike but it is pretty much uphill the entire way.  One mile but a 750 ft elevation gain.  It is worth it!

Rowan kept saying "swim in it?"
The water felt great!

We had little visitors wanting our snacks.

We spent a lovely afternoon hanging out, watching fish and rodents, splashing our feet and watching the crazy cliff divers.

Hiking back was all downhill and easy...but I lost my footing and went down hard.  My leg went into a position it was never meant to go! I seriously thought it was broken for a minute. 
Luckily Rowan was not hurt.  I will be fine in a few days I am sure.

Such a wonderful day and a beautiful hike!

In the first video the guy in the water is talking his friend into jumping.  He had just jumped in and was doing flips down below.

In this video not only does the friend jump but he does a crazy flip!

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