Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cataract Gorge

 We drove to the beautiful Uinta Mountains to meet up with our friends and explore Cataract Gorge.

When we finally found it (see video log below ;)) it started raining...hard...then hailing...but in typical mountain fashion, it blew right over.  That left wonderful puddles to jump in. We sat out the rain in the car having a picnic.

 He is such a puddlejumper!
 And dig in and splash in...


 After jumping in every puddle along the way, we made it to the first waterfall.
 Absolutely beautiful!
 Mr. rock climber...

 Love my little man!

 Squirrel!  Rowan learned that squirrels eat pinecones.  He has been talking about that for days.
 The gorge...

 Lots of snack sharing...

 David and Junie heading across...
 Angelina and Moonie getting ready...
 Thanks to Moonie and Junie for sharing their warm dry clothes with Mr. Puddle Jumper.  When we got down into the gorge the wind was blowing and he was freezing.
 So, Rowan nursed across the water!  A perfect way to warm up :)
 We zigg zagged across to get to the giant rock.

 It felt great! Plans to come back at the end of the summer when the water level is lower to swim are underway.

 Absolutely breathtaking!

 The water spilled down into these pools perfect for swimming!

 He was happy and warm and into throwing rocks over the side.
 Until he found this hook...
 Not sure what it was for but he thought it was fun.

 Family shots!
 Moonie and Junie were fast asleep.  Gotta love babywearing!

 We decided to try a different approach going back.  We went up and over along a narrow trail.

 Hiking back with happy kiddos.

So much fun! Thanks so much Angelina, Dave, Moonie and Junie for inviting us out!
 So here is our video log of our trip :)  Ignore me, I keep calling it Cataract Basin...It is Cataract Gorge.

This one is long.  We thought we were headed the right way :)

The road was getting more bumpy!

This is where we decide to turn around!  After an hour and 20 min :)

Wrong road!

:) This is where we turned all the way back.

We found the right one!

Super bumpy road!

We found it!
The water!

So pretty!

Rock throwing and David almost falling into the water!

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