Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Hike to Stewart Falls

A beautiful day for a hike!

Little man had the best seat! He slept most of the way there and back.
Such a great view!
I spy the falls!

A view from the top.
We hiked down to the water and it felt amazing!
Absolutely beautiful!

Then we enjoyed a picnic.  Rowan had his first taste of cheese from a can...he looked at it, licked it, shoved it in his mouth and asked for more.  He is a cheese lover but he was definitely confused by the can.

She is already an easy cheese fanatic!

Of course he had to have his favorite...PB&J

Then we were off to play!

Willow and David walked under the falls....Rowan and I watched from afar.
David went first...

Then Willow...

People were climbing up to the second tier.  Rowan tried but it was just too steep.  I saw the people having to slide down the mountain to get back down. When you are older buddy.
He loves the bees and butterflies so much.
He was telling me a story about the bees on the flowers...
sigh...heart melting!
The many faces of Rowan!

Willow and David went off to explore another water fall and Rowan and I had fun throwing rocks.

So much love from this small one...

Always kissing, hugging...and his thing is to say "soft" and rub you when he wants to make you feel better.  I hope he never stops.

I was officially dirtier than the 2 year old! My feet were never so happy as to make it back to the car.  The hike out was brutal.  It was just too hot!
We had a late lunch at JcW's.  We were all wiped out!

 Rowan thought the best thing after a long hike was to drink ketchup.
Happy 4th Everyone!

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