Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Miracle Milk Stroll

 David, Rowan and I attended the fist Mother's Day Miracle Milk Stroll sponsored by the Utah Breastfeeding coalition today.
 The event was to raise funds,  educate and raise appreciation for the life saving power of human milk! 
"Human Milk Saves Lives.  500 U.S. & Canadian preemie infants die annually, and 5000 more are sickened, from Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). Feeding these fragile babies human milk has been shown to reduce the risk of NEC by 79%.  NEC causes indescribable anguish to babies and parents. Just one NEC-related surgery can cost $200,000;  not including lifelong complications and treatment.  The AAP recommends donor milk for fragile babies, yet 60% of NICUs don’t use it.  Read FAST FACTS for more.

Whether it’s delivered at the breast, by pumping or by donor, human milk IS Miracle Milk™.  It is a complex “living” elixir of hundreds of ingredients that have the power to save lives, prevent disease, and promote and protect our health from birth — and for a lifetime. We don’t need more science, we need more solutions to help more moms get more Miracle Milk™ to more of our fragile babies! "

 Park fun!

 Mr. Rowan was a 29 week preemie and I was fortunate enough to be able to provide him with life saving breast milk.  He is almost 2 years old now and still going strong! We had a NEC scare at 33 weeks but we caught it early and he did not suffer any long term effects.

Hooray for Miracle Milk!


angelina said...

What an important message! and what a strong mama, papa, and child! I'm so glad we met last year! It has been great getting to know your family! :)

Unknown said...

Love the final photo of you three! Rowan in that huge shirt is just priceless and perfect. I wish we could have made this this morning! We missed out on this and an evening birthday party because Little Miss Never Sleeps decided to take two longish naps!

Timbra said...

Teri, love the blog! Why didn't I know about the Miracle Milk Stroll? Will have to join in next year :) (we weren't here on Mom's day anyway) :)

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