Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rocky Mouth Falls

 Today we went hiking with our LLL playgroup to Rocky Mouth Falls.  I think this is Rowan's first official hike...unless you could Silver Lake, but I don't.  He absolutely loved it.  We have another mountain explorer on our hands.  Guess we better get back to our weekly family hikes!
 Woodland explorer...
 Let's go Mom!
 He made it about half way up the stairs and then he wanted in the Tula...

 Then he wanted back down...

 Rock climbers!


 Time for a snack...He wanted chocolate.  All I had was some turkey and our friend gave him a fruit snack.  That did the trick...actually he had two :)

 More water...


 There is an old mine that has been sealed.  Rowan learned a new word..."cave"

 Such a gorgeous day!
 View of the mine...
 Looking toward the Great Salt Lake...
 Back at the parking lot for some mom chat and kid play...


Sharing acorns...

 And sharing sweet!!

 Posing on the pipe...
 I have no idea why he was making this face :)

But suddenly he rolled off and was stuck in the leaves...

 Moonie was laughing so hard and then Rowan started laughing!

 Rowan was like" why are you laughing so hard?"
 Then he started cracking up :)
 Laughter among friends is a good thing :)

 Covered in time, bring dry shoes!


 Fencing on the pipe "ching, ching, ching"
A beautiful day to spend with beautiful people!

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