Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, April 18, 2014

Egg Dyeing

 So it's 10:30pm and what do we do? Dye eggs of course!
 Rowan was yelling "paint! paint" from the school room and I said yes, come and paint some eggs.  Just for the record, painting at 10:30pm at our house is not unheard of.
 Mixing the colors with vinegar...
 Eyeing the vinegar container...

And putting the measuring spoon in the vinegar container...makes perfect sense right?
 Guess we won't be using that for a while...
I am ready to do this!
 I asked him what color he wanted first and he said blue.

 Willow working her magic...


 He was like a mad scientist with all of his potions!

 I would ask him if they were done and sometimes he would pull them out and put them on the tray and other times he would say "yet" and keep stirring :)

 Willow's eggs...

 And Rowan's eggs...
 This one has a cool crack design!
 Of course no egg dyeing would be complete without a One Direction egg!
 hmm...maybe I will just peel this open...
 I should say that Rowan has had very few eggs in his life, and I am not sure that he has ever had a hardboiled egg.  I am not a big fan of eggs and during my pregnancy with him I grew to have a major aversion to them.  It never got better.  They still disgust me. So, I rarely cook them.

 He said "cheese?"

 "no like"

 But he took a few more bites to be sure :)

Happy egg dyeing! Off to bed...

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