Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coop: Upcycled Birdfeeders and Park Play

 Coop activity was making birdfeeders at the park.   Rowan loved the pumpkin park as my older kids used to call it.  Just his size!

 He just climbed right up and joined the fun!

You know it was is a good day at the park when your diaper is filled with woodchips!
 So, where was Willow? She was hanging with her friends, which to me, is just as important for her as making the craft or doing the activity for the week. I would never force her to participate. That is the joy of unschooling. I can remember having to do so many projects in school that I was not interested in at all.  Fortunately, we have an amazing group of families and she has enjoyed doing all the projects.  She wanted to make the birdfeeders, so we made them today.
 Working on the hummingbird feeder. Sanding the bottle then spray painting. 

 Filling the birdseed feeder...

 Josh came home just in time to help me hang it. He is such a great help.
 I think we will have some happy birds!
 Finally dry...

 We will fill it with sugar water solution a little later in the Spring. 
 Dad helped hang this one...
Can't wait to watch the birds!

Here are the links to the Birdfeeders we made....

Hummingbird Feeder

Backyard Bird Feeder 

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