Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Eleven: Part Two

Party time!
Picked up the cake and the balloons~
Added the candles...

And the yoga began!
Seriously happy people!
Lot's of smiles and giggling going on.

Emily is such a great teacher!

Trying to high five while in full swing~

These guys did so great! They got quite the workout.

Silly Daddy ~

The grand finale!

Time to relax~

Resting with essential peaceful...

Time to eat cake and open presents!
David had to perform surgery around their heads...
Of course, Willow had Harry :)
Thanks Emily!
Presents!  Willow has the best friends :)

She absolutely loved everything!

Two Harry stand ups! Ari knows her so well :) I think ours is going back to become her 2nd favorite, Louis.  I am sure eventually she will have all 5 but where are they going to go?

She loved it all! Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts ~
Back home for some late over/ sleep over fun!
Yes, this is one wall of her room... She still has about 50 posters to hang, but we need the ladder...
Thank you Thank You Ari!
Doing nails and hair...
 Pizza time!
 Little man wanted to just carry the balloons around :)
 Even Josh joined us for dinner...on a One Direction plate and all ;)
 Silly moustache glasses for all!

They sent us away, and took over the downstairs...
 I hardly think there will be any sleeping going on tonight :)

A few videos from the day...

The Grand Finale~

Happy Birthday Willow!

We love you Willow!  Happy Happy Birthday ~

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