Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Zoo Sunday

 Off to the zoo!
 Rowan's favorite book lately is Goodnight Gorilla so we headed to the zoo to see the Gorilla and all the animals that he let out.  Well, all that we could Hyenas at our zoo.
Rowan literally walked most of the zoo.
 Lots of chasing roosters...

 Sweet orangutan...Can't look them in the eyes. I just want to hug them!  The mom and baby were playing a game and it was so cute :)

Giving the Gorilla hugs...

 A ride on the carousel...he chose the Eagle this time...
More chasing...this time the pea fowl...

 They jumped the fence for safety!

 Inside to get warm!

 So amazed by it all!

 "I will eat you with my fangs!"
 The armadillo( the last animal in his book) or the "ball" as he kept calling it...not sure if he was talking about the house or the armadillo :)
 Watching planes...

 LOVING the giraffes!

Must have been a tasty wall!

 You want me to sit where?

 Seals and Sea Lions!
Such a great day at the zoo!  Practically had it to ourselves and it was such a beautiful sunny day.  I guess most every one else was watching the Superbowl.

It's a lovely life....

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