Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, February 21, 2014


We arrived! 
 Where is the place you say we are going?
Out on the strip to see the sights...

It wasn't long until the little man was out.  David and Willow went to ride the roller coaster around New York New York and Rowan and I hung out in the kids gaming area.
Then it was off to M&M World.  Gotta smash a penny!  She has quite the collection going from all of her travels.

All lit up~ Willow thought it was amazing ;) Day one in Vegas was a hit.  We were excited for the next days adventures!
We stayed at the Excalibur. We had plans of going to the show but soon realized that it was probably not the best idea with Rowan.  He tends to want to run through restaurants once he is finished eating.  Swords, horses, screaming people...probably would have been too much, so next time.
Two bed hogs still asleep.  Come on kids we got things to do and see!

Off to the pool.  The weather was perfect!

You can be sure that is One Direction on her Ipod :)

Then back to the strip.  This time the coke store.
I had a Mexican Fanta.  It was ok.  I think we should have tried the around the world tray with like 20 different sodas from around the world.  Next time...

More shopping and sight seeing.  Rowan woke up from his nap in a grumpy mood.  Nothing like a snuggle in the Tula to turn his mood around!
Willow loved this store!

Of course, we did not go anywhere without all 3 footballs and turtle.
Fortunes being told...
Lunch time! Some New York Pizza
He ate nearly the entire slice!

He actually enjoyed riding in the stroller.  I guess I need a street with big flashing lights and signs and tons of people to keep him entertained while I run or walk.  The park just doesn't do it for him.

On the monorail to Mandalay Bay

Excited to see the animals!

Looking in at the turtles...

Petting the rays....

Or just splashing the water all around.

And of course the sharks!

He was having an E.T. moment in the gift shop...
Off to the Bellagio for the fountain show.  Awesome to see the Chinese New Year display.

The fountain show was really cool!

It was a long, but wonderful day 2 on the strip!
Day 3 started with a bang! Running the halls was a favorite past time...
After a breakfast buffet, Willow wanted to do some shopping.  Rowan really liked the dragon on display  He would growl and blow smoke.
Then it was back out to the pool for some more fun in the sun...


Chasing birds...
And running free...

Back to the room for showers to go out for the day! My little football player :)
Lunch at Rainforest Café~

Then off to the other end of the strip to Circus Circus for some rides...

And the all time most amazing shirt ever! ;)

Now that was a full day! After Circus Circus we headed over to The Mirage for dinner and to watch the Volcano "erupt"

Day 4, our final day.  We were sad to say goodbye to the nice warm weather.
Willow wanted to check out the Sugar Factory so we headed to The Paris Casino and thought it was just lovely!  I want to stay there next time.  I also really like The Mirage.  Willow loaded up on candy for the ride home and we left for home that afternoon. 

We can't wait to go back.  There was so much we didn't get to see and do. It was such a great getaway. Looking forward to our next adventure! 
Here are some videos from our trip....
Willow on a funky chair in Stupididiotic in New York New York
Sharks at Mandalay Bay Aquarium
Volcano at The Mirage

The first part of the fountain show at The Bellagio...

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