Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thank You Nice Police Man

Mommy accidentally locked Rowan in the car at the grocery store today (bad mommy :( )Worst feeling of panic ever!! The "pese" (Police) came and rescued us. Rowan reached for the officer and hugged him tight for a long time.  Made his day I think.  Rowan has been saying "pese" all day.  I think they made a good impression on him.

When I first realized that I had shut the door and my keys and phone were inside I was frozen.  I ran over to a man loading groceries in his car and asked to use his phone.  He was not very friendly, I think I scared him. But he dialed David's number for me and it just rang and rang and went to voicemail.  However, in my panic I didn't hang up so David got a long message of me in a panic talking to this man trying to figure out what to do.  He offered to "drive me somewhere??" uh, no, not gonna leave my baby (weird).  Then he offered to call 911 and I said, no, you are only supposed to call if it is a dire emergency.  Then he said he would stay with Rowan while I went into Smiths...again weird?  So, I got the grocery guy gathering carts to get the manager and he called the police for me.  It was the LONGEST 20 minutes of my life.  Rowan was screaming, I was was horrible.  But they came and got the car unlocked and then all was good.  The managers at Smiths were wonderful and so were the police! They calmed me down and were really sweet to Rowan. David called as he had heard the message, left work and was already home getting the other set of keys :) We went on to our Valentines Party and enjoyed the rest of the day.

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