Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, February 21, 2014

20 Months

Mr. Rowan is 20 Months old! He weighs about 22 lbs and is about 32.5 inches tall.
Food faces...

Ball faces...

He is obsessed with footballs.  It is like he has played the game before? David and I are not into football at all so it is not like he watches the game with us.  I think my mom must have been whispering in his ear in the NICU telling him all about playing football ;)


Slide faces...

 Totoro Face...
 Another "ball" face :)
 Dinner out entertainment face...
Rowan is SUPER busy these days.  Running, talking, squealing, laughing, screaming, playing...just going all the time!

He loves to say "hug" and "kiss" and give us hugs and kisses and snuggle with us.  Such a squishy love sometimes.  Most of the time it is "I do it" or the shove to get away so he can do it alone :)  This month he has really changed a lot.  He is more and more toddler every day. We just love him so much.

Don't grow up too fast little man!

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