Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Borax Crystals and Bouncy Balls: 1D Style

 Willow was inspired to make Borax crystals.  Of course they had to be One Direction themed! We have made these before...see Cooking and Science (snowflakes part 1) and (snowflakes part 2)...
We shaped their names out of pipe cleaners.... ( can't get the picture to turn?)
 Mixed the borax with boiling water....
 Then hung the names in the solution not to be disturbed for 24 hours...
 Then we started making other things with Borax...bouncy balls!

 They turned out pretty cool.  We tried a couple of different techniques. They didn't bounce super high but were still way cool!

 The next day we removed "Harry and Louis" from the solution.

There were tons of crystals growing in the bucket!
 Unfortunately, we hung them a little low and the names attached to the crystals at the bottom of the bucket and when trying to free them Harry lost part of his H and Lois lost all of his L.  But hey! This is science.  So we hypothesized about what we could do differently.  We have a game plan for making new ones....gotta go get more Borax!

But, all in all, they turned out pretty awesome!

 We only had a small amount of Borax left so she decided to make a 1D to hand on the wall too :)

Turned out awesome! Now to finish up with Niall, Liam and Zayn...oh and fix Harry and Louis ;)
So great being an unschooler.

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