Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Walking With Dinosaurs

He liked the movie almost as much as he liked the popcorn!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning

 Technically this was last night...

 Santa was busy at our house!
 Waiting patiently...
 No words...
 Santa came through for Willow.  She was so excited!

 And Rowan LOVES his car!

 Let the unwrapping begin!
 Of course he had to unwrap in the car :)

 It was a One Direction Christmas for Willow!

 As I post this I am enjoying the nice bass coming from the basement...and the dubstep coming from Mara's new Bluetooth speaker...what have we done??
Good smelling Lush products!


Loot Crate!


 Drum!  Oh yeah.  Combine that with the new speakers and our home is lively today :)

 Sally's gift card.  I wonder what color her hair will be this weekend??
Legos! And it begins...

Decked out in WOW and Homestuck apparel...


New socks! Thanks Granny and Steve.  He had to put on every pair :)


Someone enjoyed the chocolate from their stocking!

 Coming down from the shock.  She had no idea. The tears, the shaking the shock.  I think I pulled off Christmas magic with her for sure!
 One Direction here we come! Pasadena, September 2014. Can't wait! Now she has to pick who is going with her to the concert.
 Oh, and of course Maggie and Junie had their stockings to open...and Sage the Rat and Asha the cat.  Love abound for the furry members of the family :)  The chickens will have their own Christmas Feast this afternoon.
 Sword fighting with his brother...he likes having his very own sword...
And that Josh lets him win most every time...

And here is the scream heard around the world! And of course, she started crying so I start, and Aspen and Mara... Because I had wrapped it in 3 Amazon boxes she thought it was a coupon for Amazon!  But then she saw One Direction Row 55 and thought "that doesn't make sense?" Suddenly she put it all can see her face change.


Merry Christmas! I hope your Holiday was wonderful and magical...

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