Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Zoo Afternoon

 Willow, Rowan and I headed to the zoo on the most beautiful October 1st ever! 
 Rowan was not too thrilled with the animals or the statues!
 He was in a grouchy mood, runny nose, teething...I thought getting him out of the house would help and it did!  We went to the chiropractor after the zoo and he was 3 degrees out, which explained it all.

 He did love the turtles...which he is kind of obsessed with at the moment.

 And of course the birds...he was yelling and I mean yelling "quack quack" at every bird in there.  So much for the signs that ask you to whisper  LOL

 The sloth...

 The Mara...for you my daughter :)

 We heard this sound, like a dinosaur, and went looking for it...we found these guys mating LOL 

 Rowan tried to climb into the giraffe home...
 He was happiest just walking around.  He's got it...and he is fast!
 Loves the sea lions...

 And of course riding the carousel...
 He did not want to get off.  This is his new thing, arch in every direction until I get away or most of the time fall and get hurt. Poor little guy, it is hard being a wee one sometimes.
Such a beautiful day!

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