Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cabin and Heber Valley Fun!

A little getaway Sunday to Monday.  Off to the Cabin and some fun in Heber Valley.  First order of a fire. Then we had a movie night (Now You See Me) complete with popcorn and two silly wiggly giggly monsters!
 Some ATV riding...

Some exploring...

 Of course motorcycle "riding"
 And filling pockets with acorns :) 


 Lots of changing plants and wildlife to be seen...

 Then it was off the Heber for some lunch at The Spin Café
 Including Coconut dark chocolate and double chocolate Gelato! YUM
And Willow had Vanilla Bean Gelato and ever since "vanilla bean" has been this funny little word to her??
 Park fun!

 Rowan made a little friend...

Such a fun afternoon...

 Then off to Wasatch State Park...

 He sure loves his "Quack Quacks"

 And someone loves her Daddy so much...

This was a very scary slide...the lip was not tall enough for the angle!
 Back into Heber to kill a bit of time before our ride on the Heber Creeper!
A little walk through "Old West" Heber

Then it was time for the train!

 Taking our tickets...
 Getting ready for some fun on the party train.

 Willow is quite the dancer and singer!
 Lots of fun entertainment!
 Blinded by the flash :)
Rowan and I did a little dancing too.

Willow blew the train car away when she sang in the talent doesn't do it justice...she now has the performance bug :)

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