Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

16 Months

Mr. Rowan is 16 months old today!  He is 19 lbs and 30 inches long.  And he walks! He is doing it more and more each day.  Before I know it he will be running. I walked in the other day and saw his tiny shoes among all of our huge shoes and it made me a bit wistful for my tiny shoeless baby all wrapped up in the moby wrap. Don't grow up too fast little man!

He is such a sweet boy.  He is really into foxes right now.  Thanks to the "What Does the Fox Say?" video.  He is even going to be a fox for Halloween.  Just seemed appropriate.  he has become quite talented making all of those crazy fox sounds.
He thinks he is just one of the gang!  All these pre-teens and teens that surround him.  When the D and D gang eat lunch, Rowan likes to join them and I think they like it too.  He loves food...he will try everything but his favorites of late are corn, black beans, chicken, pretty much any vegetable, apples, bananas, grapes, goes on and on...Here he is enjoying some leftover teriyaki chicken and coconut rice.
Lots of animal sounds being imitated.  My favorite is the cat.  It is not the meow he makes but the "hiss" :) He loves reading about animals and screams out "buck buck" when he sees chickens and "quack quack" when he sees ducks.

Cars, trucks, fire trucks, blocks, spinning tops, the colored pencil bin, boxes...are among the favorites right now. Helicopters are a new discovery and for some reason to him they growl :)
No sleep is still the day it will come but it is way more important to me that he get the vital nutrients and antibodies that nursing offers and well, since he is so busy during the day he makes up for it at night. He has classes to get to and cars to drive for goodness sake!

Music is still his most favorite thing in the world.  He absolutely loves his Music Together class.  he has learned so many hand signs and tones.  I see us continuing this class for quite some time.  This last class Rowan climbed onto another Dad's lap and was just hanging out for about 20 minutes.   Rowan really likes men.  At church, when he goes to the nursery, he can be found with the volunteer dad every time. He tells all the women "no" when they ask to hold him or if he wants help with something.
Rowan has become my little kitchen helper.  Here he is waiting ever so patiently for his gluten free corn muffins to finish baking.  He loves chili and cornbread!

We love you so much little man. Growing up so fast. What a fun 16 months it has been.

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