Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Productive Couple of Days

 Yesterday, Willow started to learn sewing on the machine while following a pattern. She has big plans for a complete new wardrobe for her American Girl Dolls.
 It was fun to see her visualize the finished project and see how doing "x" creates "y" and then in the end you have a dress!
 (Mom helped a little...probably not the best 1st project to start with!)
Next on the list, a bath robe and sleeping mask...
Then today I worked in the kitchen... I turned 10 lbs of peaches into 5 quarts of "soon to be" smoothie and or pie/crumble filling...with the faithful help of my sidekick Rowan, who ate more than I put away!
 Then I made a big batch of gluten free tortillas...we seem to eat a lot of these around here....Seriously, these are delicious!
 A bunch of frozen gluten free pizza crusts for dinner/lunch in a pinch...
Now I am tired...the rain and the cold got to me today, moving slow and dreading the bitter cold of winter that is on its way. Plus, man am I sore from yoga yesterday!  I didn't think I was getting much of a workout with Rowan but my abs and hips are in agony today!  Willow is sore also from her yoga class, so between the both of us we look like little 80 yr old women hobbling around! 

Another great couple of days being an unschooler...

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Stephanie said...

We made it out yesterday, and I got peaches! I'll be freezing some, today. :)
Maybe I'll make it out again, and get some jam done. Hopefully!
Hooray for making your own clothes (even if they're for someone else). I surely would love that.

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