Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, September 15, 2013

15 Months

Mr. Rowan is 15 months old!  He weighs 18lbs 7 oz and is 30" tall.

Obsessed with cars, fire trucks, all vehicles really, and still loves his motorcycles.
Snuggling with his big bro on his "bed"
He is fast, very fast. Still holds one hand while walking or holds onto our clothes but he will be running here soon, no questions about it. 

He isn't "talking" yet but he does communicate quite well with signing.  He knows what he wants and how to let us know.  It is really cool to watch the process of communication evolve. He says mama, dada, a version of Willow I can't really spell, duck, cat, quack (there are a lot of loud ducks behind our house :) ) car...just to name a few.

Rowan has been doing lots of "classes" lately.  David and I have been taking Rowan to a Music Together class.  He absolutely loves it! Music is his thing. So, so cute!  Rowan and I started an Antigravity yoga class.  He likes it for the most part but it is in the same room as Music Together and he just wants the instruments out!

 Of course there is still a very small part of me that has that "nicu preemie" fear that he will catch some horrible illness from all the classes and we will end up back in the hospital.  I think any mama that has sat by their baby's incubator watching him hang on for dear life feels that way. I say very small part because I am really not that worried anymore.  I know most of the preemie parents I know hide their little ones away for 2 years.  I am going on faith that we eat really healthy, take high quality supplements, get chiropractor adjustments each week, breastfeed and wash our hands frequently. Not to mention that we are just not sickly people. I am sure he will have more illness this year just from the sheer fact that he is mobile. 
Man can this boy eat! He loves food. He like everything but wheat does not seem to be doing good things for him so we are gluten free for a while...maybe forever, maybe not.  He has 5 teeth and 1 more coming through.
One of his favorite places to be...the bath!

Happy 15 months little man!  We love you...

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