Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wild West Adventure Home: Stop #2 Grant's Farm

 We loved Grant's Farm!

 We had to wait in line to get in.  Only so many people could be on the bridge at a time :)

 On the tram ready to go!

 Rowan LOVED it!

 When he saw the animals he was squealing and pointing!

 So excited!

 Once we were there it was time to feed the goats...

 It was hard to get in to the pen.  They were hungry!

 Willow loved this.  She could have stayed there all day.

 Of course she sought out the ones that were laying down...

 Rowan just wanted a bottle  LOL  Which was funny since there is no way he remembers the 4 he had in the NICU and he hasn't had one since!

 Then it was time to see the other animals...

 And of course ride a camel!

 A stop in the square for some lunch...
Free beer samples and Bratts...
 Then off to see more animals...

 Nap time for Rowan...

A ride on the carousel...
A super fun day! Willow says this is one of her favorite places....On to Kansas City for dinner and then Sioux City Iowa for our hotel....thus begins the part of the adventure to places we have never been!

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