Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Surprise! Celebrating Granny's 60th

The scream heard around the world!

We surprised everyone.  Rowan's great-grandmother was so excited to meet him.   She had no idea we were coming either.  She rang the doorbell and I answered the door.

Willow was such a great helper! Getting ready for all the guests to arrive.
My sister threw a great party!

My beautiful cousin Lindsey and my sweet Aunt Jan...

The spread and the cake...

Photo bomb girl!

My Great Aunt Mae on the couch got a kick out of Willow :)
She's here! Wendy and Jacob waiting at the front door to yell surprise!
She was blown away.  She thought she was coming over to grill out burgers with Wendy and her family!  When she saw all of her friends and family she could not believe it.

My mom's oldest and dearest friend Betty was even able to come! They had not seen each other in years.


And this is where we snuck in...Wendy had her turn around and at first she looked right at us and didn't even recognize us.

Then the scream!

Needless to say we surprised her and she was so very happy!

Steve meeting Rowan for the first time...

Even Rowan was clapping for joy!
Then there was cake complete with candles that she could never blow out :)

And lots of wonderful presents from her friends and family...

Such a great party! Great job Wendy, Chris and Steve making this happen!

My sister and I and my photo bombing child :)

Willow and Granny Babb
My mom and 2 of her 3 sisters, Kathy and Jan, and her mom Vivian.
Yeah, I see the resemblance!
Lots of group shots :)

After the excitement it was family game night....
And playdough for the cousins...

Rowan wanted in on the action...

It was such a fun day! So glad we were able to make the trip~ We love you mom!

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