Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 7: Date and Dye-ing

 We left Rowan for the first time to go on a date last Saturday.  Josh was our willing sitter and asked only that we pay him in Taco Bell  (hee hee) So I nursed Rowan up and away we went to enjoy a late lunch at Z-Tejas.  It was a lovely meal but it felt so weird to not have my sidekick with me.
 Rowan has learned to wave "Bye-Bye" and he even said it as we were leaving.  One day he is going to burst forth with an incredible vocabulary.  Every once in a while words slip through.  He asked for cheese the other day...I had no idea he even knew what it was and where it was in the fridge!

The double arm wave or the "Rene wave" named after his Great Grandma, Rene

Well, the joy was short lived.  Poor little man came down with a fever and ear infections :( He was NOT happy.  This was about the same time David and I were talking about how we felt kind of off.  I could not eat our dinner that evening.  I just felt nauseous.

During this time, David was helping me out by dyeing my Ergo.  I wanted something different. When I ordered the Galaxy Grey it was a "new" item and now they sell it at Target.  I saw a couple of ladies on one of my mama lists on facebook had dyed their Ergos and I thought I so have to do that! Well, I was busy holding a feverish, cranky baby the rest of the evening so David dyed it for me.  It turned out beautiful!  I love, love, love it! I have the best husband :)
A couple of views of the finished product...

By that night both David and I were in hell.  Violently ill is an understatement.  My god, we have never been that sick or in that much pain.  It was terrible.  Both of us out and Rowan miserable with his fever and ears :(  Such a terrible, terrible couple of days. Thank goodness Josh was around to help out with Rowan when he could.  When Rowan's fever finally broke, the rash appeared...Roseola..uggg.  Poor sweet man, the only place he gets comfort is against my body.  Thank goodness for babywearing. I was able to lay him down in the Onya baby and he slept for a few hours.  You can see the start of the rash on his belly.

So much for my "July summer of fun!" lol.  I would not call this illness fun in any way! We are on Day 5 of it now and poor Willow has come down with it.  She is not as bad off as David and I were and we bounced back really fast after our chiropractic visit. She was adjusted yesterday and I think she will sail right through it.  I mean, she is still bouncing on the trampoline and riding her scooter so she is not at all as sick as we were!  But, seriously, our weekly chiropractor visits have kept us all so healthy! Rowan is still a bit irritable and has to be carried constantly. He will be battling this Roseola for a few more days.  Thank goodness I have my beautiful new dyed Ergo to carry him around in! I am thinking he is teething also...poor guy, Roseola, teething and this awful stomach virus all at once! Hopefully by the end of the week we will all be feeling much better.  Seven Peaks is calling our names!

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