Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15: 13 Months

Mr. Rowan is 13 Months!  He weighs 17.5 lbs and is 29.5 inches long! He is eating everything and crawling everywhere. 
He is such a love.  He is the best little hugger (Josh is teaching him well) Balloons and toy cars are at the top of his list of favorite things.
His new thing is to point at where he wants to go and point at the things he wants. I love that little finger out there pointing at things that are so amazing to him. 
 He is such a little ham! I had my phone snapping pictures of him and and I said "smile!" and he did this goofy grin and then went right back to his serious face.  He loves his brother so much...
 On his 13 month birthday we had his "one year" pictures taken with a local photographer.  He did not smile once! He was not in a great mood so we shall see how the pictures turn out.  I think he is allergic to grass or something growing in the field we were in. His eyes were watering and his nose was running....poor guy :(  I made him another smash cake and we got some pictures of him eating that in her studio.  He knew exactly what to do this time!  Hopefully the group shots of us all turn out! it has been forever since we have done an official family portrait.
 Afterwards we went to dinner...Rowan enjoyed French toast, catfish, eggs, green beans, okra and biscuits :)
 It was nice to have everyone together!  Those times are far and few between.  They grow up so fast.
Having a great summer! Happy 13 months little one :)

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