Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, July 29, 2013

Memphis Bound

Gibson's donuts, a Ray family weekend tradition...yummy!
Conversations with Willow... getting excited for Granny's surprise birthday party!
Bath Time!
The weather in Memphis was gorgeous! Not the typical oppressive heat and humidity. 
Rowan is in love with his cousin Jacob...he has the coolest toys...

Thomas trains!

Thank you Wendy, Chris, Jacob, Marley and Murphy for letting us invade your home for the weekend! It was lovely!

One Year Photos and Family Pictures

 So happy with our photos!
 Little man was not in the best of moods but I think they turned out really well.

Now to print them and frame them!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20: Joseph Fielding Smith Family Reunion

 It was time for our annual Joseph Fielding Smith Reunion. David has a HUGE family...
 It was soooo hot! But that didn't stop the fun!
 Carnival type games..

 Slip and slides....

 Ooohh, and water guns! Oh man he was so excited to find that.  Seriously?  How does he know?  He was even aiming it correctly!

 Of course Daddy's teeth are always interesting.  Especially since Rowan has his top teeth cutting through :)

 Grandma and Grandpa are always fun!

 And even cousin Keith was there...

 Cousins are the best...

 And so is stealing goodies off of Daddy's plate!  He would take something, take a bit and then put it to the side...he had a collection going....

More snow cones, this time they match the swimsuits!
 The bounce house was super fun!

 And more snow cones...seriously it was hot!

 Thank goodness for the slip and slide!

There was a very funny magician...
 And very funny faces by Rowan...

A fun night was had by all!

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