Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sea World

 We had such a fabulous day at Sea World!
 Rowan started the day asleep....
 And Shamu thought he was so cute he was going to take him for the day!
 There were awesome animals...
 Awesome rides...
 And as soon as he heard the screams of joy from the rides he was awake!

David and Willow are up there...

 Then it was my turn :)

 Playing for a prize there was no way we could bring home on the plane but it was fun anyway :)  She almost made it!

 Taking a break and having a snack before Willow's dolphin interaction program (separate post)

 The baby ducks wanted some watermelon too :)
 Yeah, we rented the stroller to carry our a kid here and there :)

 More, More!  I want to see more!

Little sights I want to remember...tiny sleeping toes...

 We HAD to see the Beluga whales.  One of Rowan's favorite songs is Baby Beluga...of course he now has his own stuffed baby beluga which he thinks is just awesome.

 Our day ended as it began, seeing Shamu!

 I just love this one! 

 We avoided the splash zones!

 Everyone was waving their hands to get the whales to splash...including Rowan :)  So cute!

Such a great day.  We could have spent another day there!

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