Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, May 27, 2013

Santa Monica

So, we left San Diego and headed up to spend some time at the beach. But first we stopped for lunch at Dave and Busters.  Willow was in heaven.  She played games till her heart was content and we had some yummy food.
Checked in at the hotel and of course hit the pool first thing...
Then we headed to the Santa Monica Pier.  This is where we realized we forgot the camera :(...and as soon as David snapped a photo of where we were going to eat, my phone died...and so did his uuuggg
So we bought a cheap disposable camera and Willow had a blast taking  they are interesting....

Anyway, we got to the pier just as they were starting to close the rides.  Willow wanted to ride the roller coaster so bad so David asked one of the game workers if there was a way.  Well, she took pity on them and got the ride operator to let them ride twice and for free!  So sweet :)  What a fun place.  We will definitely go back on our next trip and take full advantage.  Josh was not only jealous of Dave and Busters (he loved going there when he was little) he wished he could have joined us at Bubba Gump's.  Forest Gump is one of his favorite movies :)  Maybe he will join us on our next adventure to California?

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