Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Releasing Butterflies

 Willow has been raising Painted Lady Butterflies for the past month.  We ordered the caterpillars and watched them form their chrysalis and hatch into beautiful butterflies.  She decided today to release the 5 that have hatched.  We still have one more to go. And she was dressed accordingly in her butterfly shirt!
 When she opened the habitat one immediately took flight.  We watched it fly high over our neighbor's house and disappear.
 She was very careful after that!
 Rowan and Josh were pretty interested too...

 She chased them as they flew away....
 And then got the idea to use a flower to lure them onto her hand...
 It worked!
 Then she noticed they were drinking the nectar from the flowers!  It was cool to see them unroll their proboscis and drink. She was AMAZED :)

 My camera died so I had to use the Iphone and it did not want to focus!
 Rowan joined in too...
 Then it was time to feed the one that hatched with a missing wing...Willow named her Lily.
 We thought for sure she would live out her days in captivity with us...
 But she drank and drank the nectar from two flowers and then took flight!
 We were so happy! Good luck out there Lily :)
 Here are what remains of the chrysalis, and the one waiting to hatch.  Any day now :)
She says we have to order more...

Another great day to be an unschooler...

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