Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Redondo Beach

 Yesterday was a lot of firsts for Rowan...First time on a plane to start.  You know those sweet nursing babes that just nurse the whole flight and fall asleep? Yeah, that's not Rowan.  Let's just say the flight was interesting.  He rode on my lap but since the plane was pretty much empty we were able to bring his car seat on instead of checking it. Luckily it was a quick flight. In the end, he nursed to sleep.
 We hit the ground running once we got to LA.  First stop, Redondo Beach! Rowan's first time to see the ocean. 
 This baby is a beach bum for sure.  He LOVED the sand and the ocean.

 Of course Miss Willow had the time of her life!

 That water was cold!

 He thought the waves were pretty awesome.  I think he liked the feel of the sand being pulled from under his feet as the wave went back out to sea.

 She was in her element!

 He was also lulled to sleep by the waves.
 Willow found some creatures to admire...

 It didn't take her long till she was out swimming.

 And little man was out sleeping...
 And dug herself a hole to relax in...

 Little sandy toes
 He slept so peacefully...

 Then back to the water...

 Pure joy and freedom...
 Woke up and right back to that amazing stuff called sand...

 He took a taste...and was not so impressed.

 Pure joy <3 class="separator" p="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

 Then it was time for lunch.  Off to Old Tony's for some ciopinno!

 He was a ravenous monster for the clam chowder!
 And for Willow's salad :)
 And he devoured the cioppino.  So yummy!!!
 Looking out the window over the water...

 After lunch we took a little walk around the pier...Did some sight seeing and some shopping.
 Willow loved Quality seafood.  She liked touching all the live crabs, sea urchins and clams.

 Back to the beach for an afternoon of fun...

 A wave overtook her and she lost her sunglasses :(
 Rowan was being lulled back to sleep by the waves...
 But it didn't last long.  There was so much sand to be played with!


 And water!

We had an amazing day at the beach.  The weather was absolutely perfect! Can't wait to see what today brings!

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