Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, May 24, 2013

Newport Beach

Day two took us to Newport Beach for the day... David rented a chair for me and an umbrella for the wee man and a boogie board for Willow.  Loved watching all the surfers and the sailboats!  It was so beautiful.
David and Willow spent the day in the ocean...
I spent the day with my own personal sand flea!
He was in heaven, even with sand in his eyes, in his ears and up his nose! He literally kept rolling in it like a dog. He would just laugh and laugh.  Such a funny little guy.
I loved the powder sand but it does NOT come off! I swear his all natural- mineral-expensive as hell sunblock was like glue for this sand!

According to him it was tasty...ewwww
Still having fun way out there!
oohhh, dried seaweed!

Well, I realized that there would not be many pictures of today since David was in the ocean and I was covered in sand. We had such a lovely day.
My sleeping boy lulled to sleep by the waves...
It was so peaceful...

Ice cream melting fast in the sun...

Our day ended in San Diego at our hotel for an evening trip to the pool/hot tub. Rowan was trying to peel my fingers off of his arms so that he could "swim" like the other kids in the hot tub. He loved floating on his back. At least all the sand finally came off and I didn't have to sleep in a bed of it!

 Tomorrow is Sea World and Willow is beside herself with joy. She is signed up to swim with the dolphins and she cannot wait!

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