Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, May 16, 2013

11 Months

Our sweet Rowan is 11 months old ( 8 1/2 adjusted)! He is 16 lbs 10 oz and 28 inches long. So full of wonder and amazement.  He is walking around furniture and crawling a bit, but is still frustrated by it. One day he is going to hit the ground running and won't look back.
He eats everything, he loves food. He has two teeth and seems to be working on more.
 He loves to go and do things...must be entertained.  He loves people and animals and is such a flirt.  Lately he has been obsessed with our cat, Asha and wants to hold her...she on the other hand is not so fond of Rowan. He loves ducks and geese, especially since we are surrounded in our yard.
 He loves music and we still have to sing songs like Baby Beluga, Old MacDonald, There Was an Old Lady That Swallowed A Fly, Wee Baby Moon, Apples and Bananas at the top of our lungs while driving to keep him happy in the car. 
Rowan loves to wait outside each day for Daddy to come home.  We have been hanging out in the front yard, watering the tomatoes and playing with the dogs ever since the weather changed.  Loving the gorgeous weather! When he sees David's car driving up he gets so excited! He loves his Daddy so very much.
 Our daily ritual. A long walk at the park in the ergo while he nurses and sleeps and then we hang out and watch the ducks and geese for a while.
Maggie and Junie love him very much and run to him when he is crying.  Maggie going in for a kiss...only because he stole her pine cones!
He had this great story he was telling me all about the pine cones today...

And then he noticed Maggie circling in...
She wanted him to throw the pine cones so badly! She is desperate to fetch but while she is sooo much better from her embolism she is not 100 % and still needs to take it somewhat easy.

My boys :)

Rowan loves my phone and the apps I have downloaded for's a problem when I am trying to talk :)

My sweet boy watching his sister release her butterflies she hatched. He wanted to hold a flower too...more like eat it. That sweet bald head is starting to get hair.  It looks like it will be red but we shall see.
A beautiful double rainbow tonight.
Here is how he sleeps...horizontal with his feet in my stomach! No matter how we start out nursing he turns himself this way. He had gotten pretty regular with his sleep, although he still wakes often to nurse and lately with teething it has been am I tired! He is usually out by 10pm and up by 8 am. He takes a long 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon as long as I am there to nurse him midway through...usually I try to sleep with him! He takes a couple of small naps like while we walk in the mornings and while we drive but those are sporadic.
Good night my sweet man...
Happy 11 months!  We love you so much.

Being silly at the table with his cheeks full of apples...

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