Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some "Willowisms"....A Little About Unschooling

A conversation Willow told me about today with a friend at theater...

Friend: So, what do you have tomorrow?
Willow: hmm, Tuesday...oh I don't know...
Friend: Well, I have school.
Willow: I don't.
Friend: What?
Willow: Remember, I am homeschooled?
Friend: Oh yeah, no do you do school at a certain time of the day?
Willow: No, I am an unschooler.
Friend: A what?
Willow: I learn from life, just living it.
Friend: I don't get it?
Willow: Well, I get to follow my passions, like this. (theater class)
Friend: No fair, ok lets practice "Time Out for Kids" ( a musical number from their play)
Willow: ok!
Friend: I don't get time out, I get grounded.
Willow: I don't get time out or grounded.
Friend.  Are you serious? NO FAIR!....Can I come live with you?

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