Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Following Her Passions

After being picked up from theater class...

Willow: Can I read you my lines?
Me: Of course!
....Willow read and sings her lines from their class play....
Me: That is awesome. I am impressed with your reading Willow.
Willow: Yeah, but envious is a hard word to read.
Me: Yeah, that is a tricky one.
Willow: But I am just following my passions.  Gymnastics used to be my passion but theater, being on stage, that is my dream.
Me: Well, you are doing it. Remember last year when we saw Monsters at Kingsbury Hall and you said you wanted to be on that stage?
Willow: Yeah.  And now I am!
Me: Yep, goal achieved.
Willow: I love my life

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Julie said...

So cool! Hope we get to come see her sometime soon:)

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