Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Little Bit of Easter....

 Willow dyed some eggs...this year our ladies brown eggs which turned out beautiful, but we should have boiled them a bit longer in the vinegar to get the bloom completely off...

 Getting some treats...

 Looking Cool...


"These are pretty awesome!"
And then Mara and Willow attended the Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork...beautiful painted ladies :)
Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Willow's IPOP Auditions

Willow participated in a modeling/acting workshop with IPOP in February and March.  She had a great time and made lots of friends.  They performed a "showcase" today where they auditioned for several agents and she made call backs! We will see where this takes her...for now, she has been invited to participate in the big IPOP showcase in Los Angeles in January of 2014 where the "big guys" in the industry will be watching.  In her words "acting is my passion" :)

Oh, and Willow had a photoshoot done and the pictures were not up to par, so we had Mara take her new ones and well, they are awesome!  Even one of the LA agents commented on how great her headshot was!  Way to go Mara :)

Ahh, life as an actor...she spent 9 hours today at IPOP and then 3 hours rehearsing for the play she will be performing in April..then she came home and hit the trampoline!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Classic Fun

 Today was kids club and Josh came along for the fun! It was practically empty in nice!
 He and Willow mastered Deal or No Deal...they opened the 200 ticket case!
 Bouncing fun...
 And skating...
 Rowan fell asleep while I was skating and pushing him in the stroller.

 He LOVED it there! I thought he would be overstimulated but he wasn't at all.
 I may have to skate with him more often.  He actually liked being in his car seat.  He just laughed and laughed...
 He wanted to bounce with the big kids so much...soon, little man, soon.
Afterwards we went and bugged Aspen at work and had lunch...broccoli gnawing today :)
A great way to celebrate the first day of spring on this rainy day!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

9 Months

 Mr. Rowan is 9 months old (6 1/2 mo adjusted) 16 lbs, 27 inches long of pure energy!
Seriously, time is racing by. I am savoring every moment...even the endless sleepless nights :)
He is sitting up and starting to make efforts to crawl.  What he would really like is to be able to run! He reaches for us now and makes all kinds of small talk, mostly dadada and nanana.  He lives in the ergo when we are out and about but he has taken to riding in BOB, the stroller, as long as he is facing forward and not in the dreaded car seat.  He is very social and likes to see all kinds of new things. We have been at the park everyday this week and he loves to swing and sit in the grass (or astro turf) and watch everyone.

 He is such a happy rolling smiling elf...
He loves his Willow...
 And he LOVES the chickens!
 Since the weather has been nice we spend a lot of time out in the coop with the ladies as he squeals with excitement!
 Those pursed lips get me every time.  He is so very serious when observing and manipulating things.
Such a joy~  Happy 9 months little man!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finally Feeling Like Spring!

 Back to the park! Such a lovely, gorgeous day!
 Lots of swinging...

 Lots of nursing...
 Willow thought it was funny that he was nursing with sunglasses on :)
 Then a nap...Willow and I have decided to run the Dirty Dash in June. So we started "training" yesterday.  Rowan slept peacefully while we ran/walked around Liberty a few times...
 Then back to the playground for more fun...

 Waking up slowly...where am I again?

 Such a sweet bald day he will have hair!  Thank goodness he will wear his hats now. 

 Flipping maniac!

 Once we start eating the swing we should move on...yuck! Hopefully the sun baked off all the germs.
 Discovery of astro turf...

 He loves her so much...
 Yes, we have tried to reason with him about his pack a day habit...not good for those preemie lungs dude!

 eating sticks is the best...

We were there for hours...she was pooped and so was I...Rowan however was full of energy from his stroller nap!

Loving that winter is leaving!

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