Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Happy Happy number 10 to our sweet Willow!
 Opened some presents at the break of dawn...

 A very big surprise from elephant that she wanted me to make with her about a year ago...I told her as soon as we were back from Mexico we would make it...then I went in the hospital...then Rowan came early...spent the summer in the NICU...Rowan came home..and on and I made it in secret the other day :)  She is in love...

 And so is Rowan...He let out a belly laugh when she took him out of the bag...guess I will have to make him one too :)

 Then it was off to get her ears pierced...
 She was sooo nervous...
 But she was a trooper!
 Then, off to see Warm Bodies at the Megaplex.  Such a great movie! She loved it!
 Home to ice 30 cupcakes for her two theater classes....
 Then after theater off to Texas Roadhouse for dinner...Rowan and I ate in the was just waaaayyy to loud for him.  He was so over stimulated, poor guy.  So we got my food to go and David brought it out to me.
It was a great day celebrating double digits! We love you so much miss Willow! Happy Happy Birthday our February caboose!

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