Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mr. Graduate!

Rowan has been officially booted from the Early Intervention Program.  He is meeting all the milestones that a typical 6-7 month old should be. I have never had a baby graduate from so many things! Apparently I should have  knitted him a graduation hat for when we left the NICU and now for this program, but who has time for that?

His therapist attributes his early dismissal from the program to our parenting. No we are not perfect nor would we ever claim to be.  I would say we do things a little differently but what we do just feels right, not different.

It's just another reason to attachment parent...cosleep, babywear, exclusively breastfeed, no vaccines, no circumcision....and so on. I also think that Rowan's chiropractor played a huge part in him recovering so quickly. He was such a stiff little man when we brought him home. You would never even know it now.  I only wish I could have held on longer in my pregnancy and given him a better birth.  It has been a long traumatic road for me in that respect.

We just live life normally. We are not one of those housebound shut-in preemie families. His therapist said what they did to me in the NICU, scaring the crap out of me in regards to his future and his health, will just  take time for me to overcome.  Rowan, however, has nothing to overcome. He is a beautiful, happy, healthy 7 month old little boy and we are so grateful for that!


The Early Intervention program was sort of the last tie we had to the NICU and the whole preemie existence. Even though it was a program we opted to participate in, I can't say I am not sad to see it go. 

We love this little man so much.  We are so happy he joined our family!


Diane said...

You are wonderful and your body did the best it could to bake that little man as long as it could. You're both lucky to have survived! (did you watch Downton Abbey?!!)
You are a blessing and if we could all parent with your grace and ease, we'd all be better off. Kudos, love, light.

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog but a big believer in attachment parenting and breastfeeding!! There is no doubt that it is best for baby after reading this!

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