Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Broken Ankle

 Mara fell the day we had the big ice storm.  She was walking from work to a friends house and slipped on the ice...that's when she heard the crack....
 Broke both bones and a tip off the Fibula....
 4 days later she met with the surgeon to see about surgery...

Sure enough, she needed screws and plates to put it all back together.  She has been a trooper.  It is horribly painful and she has months of recovery ahead but we are grateful she is ok!  She will get a hard cast on in 2 weeks so hopefully then she will be a little more mobile...Willow has been such a great help.  She is Mara's little helper! Of course Rowan hung out with her until they wheeled her back.

Our neighbor broke both of her ankles in December!  She was so sweet and made this certificate for Mara...

Happy Healing Mara...We love you!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Breastmilk Babies

Thumbs up for mama milk!

I am such a happy baby!

 Willow got Jeremiah from The Breast Milk Baby Company.  The world's first breastfeeding cute!

They sure do love each other...


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

7 Months

Mr. Rowan is 7 months actual, 4 1/2 months adjusted, 14 lbs 9.5 oz, 26 inches long of squishy sweetness.  He is so much fun these days.  Lots of laughing, smiling, interest in EVERYTHING! He still adores people and being in the action.  However, the car is still not a pleasant experience unless we have the whole gang in there singing songs so we don't go too many places these days.  He is such a little music lover and even sings along sometimes. He is getting so big. I was looking back at pictures and it is amazing how much he has changed in just a couple of months time. I am trying to savor every minute of it. Rowan is almost sitting up on his own, but he still prefers to stand. He is a roller and a kicker and pushes all the way up on his hands now.  He is so very strong. Sleep is still not a top priority for him...well, at least long periods of sleep.  He loves his 10-30 minute naps!

Rowan and I post workout!
Recently Rowan and I have started working out with the Babywearing workout.  He rides along in the ergo and just smiles and laughs....and then he falls completely asleep.  I miss going to the gym and running, but it will still be there when Rowan and I are ready.  I don't leave my babies and well, we have 2 feet of snow outside and a nasty inversion so I am happy to have this workout and a slew of online friends to do it with. There is no way I would take him to the gym daycare either.  One time Willow came along with me and I was watching her on the TV monitors and saw a toddler take a bottle from a tiny infant in a carseat and put it in his mouth.  The staff person took it from the toddler and just gave it back to the baby.  Gross!  I am looking forward to warmer weather and hitting the streets with Rowan.  Willow and I logged many miles in her Kelty and I plan to do the same with Rowan. 

We love you little man.  Can't believe 7 months has passed!
Even in the NICU he liked to have his feet crossed at the ankles :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cabin in the Blizzard

Maggie was jumping for joy when she heard we were heading to the cabin! We drove through a blizzard to get there. It was snowing so much that they closed the interstate right after we got through.  What normally takes us about 45 minutes to drive took us 3 hours!  Back at the house they got 25 inches of fresh snow!

Rowan enjoyed lounging by the warm fire and playing with his toys with mom... he had lots of funny faces to share.... He has started making this growling sound that I have yet to capture on is so cute :)


He was not to keen on the moose get up but mommy likes to dress him up cute so he gave in....
Josh, Cody and Willow enjoyed sledding, sledding and more sledding...

And of course the dogs can't get enough of catching snowballs and chasing sledders...

Not sure how Snowy feels about sledding though...

Juniper even had beard cicles... :)

Maggie catching a snowball!

Rowan liked being pulled on the sled with Josh...

Another great trip to the cabin!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ice Skating

 Today we went ice skating with our homeschool friends...well, David, Aspen and Willow did the skating while Rowan and I watched.

 Trying hockey skates instead of figure skates...

In a few years little man we will take you on the ice...

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