Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, December 15, 2012

6 Months!

Mr. Rowan is 6 months actual, 3 1/2 months adjusted, 13 lbs 9.5 oz  of pure joy!  Time is flying by, 6 months seems so big but yet we get to be in this "extended" wee baby phase since he was born so early.
This month, it is all about the toys. Things he can grab onto and shove in his mouth. And of course the eating of hands...  He really likes strings,ribbons, cords...his favorite is this pacifier holder thingy (minus the pacifier)...he just likes to hold the ribbon in his hands.  He has really been working those fine motor skills.  Entertainment is the name of the game.  He wants to see new things and goodness does he love people.  A charming little ladies man he has become! He is also working on sitting up and loves to stand.  All of my kids were "standers".  He even stands in the ergo which is kind of scary and completely defeats the purpose of me having my hands free but he is all smiles and laughter when he does.

He still hates the carseat...we have to distract him from the confinement with toys, books, singing....I can't imagine going on any long road trips.  I think back to Josh and how we drove from Tennessee to Utah when he was 3 months old and then once we got here, we went camping in Yellowstone for a week...were we insane? No, we were 21  lol...Seriously, there is absolutely no way I would do that with Rowan! Even with Willow we went to Crater Lake, Oregon camping with friends when she was 5 months old...Seeing that I can barely drive to the grocery store with Rowan I don't see any camping/road trips in our near future.  

He is wearing hats more and more now without protest which makes me oh so happy and wanting to knit a billion adorable hats for him to wear.  We have reached the stage of "distractable nursing" and I am not enjoying that...(off to the dark corner for me) He is my only baby that would rather walk/rock/bounce to sleep than nurse...during the day. He is sleeping for longer stretches a night but I know too well that that will change.  He is still all about music, all kinds but still finds Guster magical.  He rolled over last night for the first time and loves for his belly to be tickled for which he squeals with absolute joy!
He loves this little clothespin elf that Mara made years ago.  I think it is because it fits so nicely in his hand.
There is the look I get a lot..."Really, you are taking pictures again? Seriously, you dressed me in this? ...hee hee Well, I think he is the sweetest little gingerbread man on the planet!
But Josh can always invoke a smile! He loves his siblings so much.

Happy 6 months little man! We love you so much....

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