Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little Trip To Wheeler Farm

2 barefoot girls exploring the farm...
 Homeschool Kids club last week was at Wheeler Farm.  Willow loves this place, and what an absolutely gorgeous day to go!
 What animal lover/farm girl wouldn't?

 We took a tractor ride and Willow milked a cow.  I missed her milking the cow because Rowan had a blowout diaper that I had to change! Ahhh life with a babe again :)
 Rowan loved Wheeler Farm too :) He likes being outdoors period, but he was arching in the moby wrap trying to see everything around him, so I turned him around and carried him forward facing. I don't even know if it was a correct carrying position but he was happy!  I think I need a new sling...the moby is nice and all but it is just so much fabric and seems limited to that one snuggly position, which is great when they are tiny and new but my babies want to see the action.  I hate the over one shoulder slings so I need to see what is out there. Although, if I am being honest, the absolute horrific pain I was in that evening from carrying this tiny man was more than I could bear.  The stroller may become our mode of transport sooner than I thought :(

 It is a weird sight to see I am sure, him riding facing out, I say this because I got a lot of looks :) .  He is just this tiny thing, a 1 1/2 month old in so many ways but in so many others is he about to be 4 months old and like my other kids wants to be entertained and to see the world.  In fact, his physical therapist came today and said he was right on target and was amazed by him.  She said it is our parenting, chiro and cranial sacral that has done the trick...not to mention exclusive breastfeeding!

 The chicken whisperer strikes again....
One day we will get a silkie!
 Gotta love free range chickens at the park!
Wish I had more and better pictures but I can't seem to remember the camera these days...I wonder why that is ;)

Loving life....

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