Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

Happy Halloween from the Read's!
 Josh the monk from Diablo 111.  Mara made his costume...all except the "stone" necklace that he painted.  He even shaved his head...again courtesy of Mara.

Mara and Alex, the rainbow rave girls :)  They looked pretty awesome!
 Willow the zombie girl...

 And of course, Rowan my little Monster :)

Our good friend's Teresa, Wolfie and Addy came to visit from California.  We are so excited they are here!
 Off to Smashburger for some real food before the candy fest begins...we tried to go to Chipotle for "Boorito's" but the line was CRAZY! So we opted for salads and burgers at Smashburger.

 Then it was off to gather the loot...We decided to just trick or treat in Sugarhouse since we were already there...

 Rowan kept cozy warm in the moby...I can no longer feel my shoulders :)  Thank goodness I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow!

 This house was pretty cool!
 Especially the well...

 Then back to our house to sort and trade the loot....

 Life is good...Hope you all had an amazing Halloween!

Carving Time

 It's that time again...pumpkin carving time!
 Mara's friend Alex was here to help.  She carved Rowan's pumpkin.

Josh's masterpiece

Mara's masterpiece

Alex's masterpiece

Willow's masterpiece

I think they turned out pretty awesome....

 Then Mara and Alex got the idea to paint Rowan's foot and stamp it on his little pumpkin from Hee Haw Farms...

Happy Halloween :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Famous Duos Halloween Party

 Last night we attended a friend's "Famous Duos" Halloween Party.  David and I were Wesley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride.  I wanted Rowan to be an R.O.U.S. but unfortunately my hands are full 24/7 and sewing a rodent costume was not in the mix, so he was a monster...and a darn cute one at that!
 Although he was not to sure about it!
 While I was getting ready, Mara and Willow thought it would be funny to put my wig on Rowan...he was not amused :) I think he was a little freaked out by all the hair on me and then the lack of facial hair on David when he shaved for the moustache :)
We had such a fun night at the party! Rowan is a party animal :) We didn't get home and into bed until almost 2 am...and the last of the kid partyers that were hanging at our house left at 3 am!

We love Halloween. Looking forward to carving pumpkins and trick or treating :)

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