Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finding Balance

My sweet Rowan had his first cranial sacral and Reiki treatment yesterday.  We see Bobbie Baird at In Body Bliss and she is amazing!

Rowan was hilarious :) He was wide eyed, cooing, smiling, laughing even and talking away. He was a little off center in his shoulders and head and responded so well to being adjusted.   I really wanted to have him balanced and have all that "bad mojo" from the hospital removed :) We will also be heading to the chiropractor next week.

Apparently most babies from the nicu are not willing to be worked on but Rowan was very willing.  I think it is because he already knew Bobbie from her treating me though my pregnancy :) He absolutely loved her and he does not respond to "strangers" like that.   He even laid on my belly while she worked on me.  It was lovely...Mommy has A LOT more work to be done. After all I went through this summer I am amazed it isn't worse!  But, since I was in a great place back in June it won't take very long to get back there :)  I am so looking forward to that feeling of balance again. 

Bobbie was holding him and said "yes, he is just who we knew he was, that strong, masculine but very tender little man, he is just so perfect".  That he is....

Balance and Love. That it what we are going for...

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