Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Fall

Happy Fall from our Little Acorn!
Fall is here.  It is beginning to feel cooler outside. Looking forward to the changing leaves, pumpkins, harvest celebrations and of course Halloween.  We unfortunately won't be having our big Halloween bash again this year :(  Gotta keep Rowan away from large indoor crowds for a while longer.  But we will definitely be trick or treating and Willow and I (maybe Mara too) will be busy with lots of fall/Halloween crafts and foods!

Happy Fall!

I am an Arcane Mage

 World of Warcraft's newest expansion, Mists of Pandaria came out on Tuesday.  Rowan was sporting his panda hat, ready for playing :)
Josh and his friend Hannah stayed up all night prepared with "rations" to make it through.  Apparently the leveling is slow but as I type this they are nearly there (to level 90).  I have only been able to play for about 30 minutes, but so far it is fun :)

Looking foreword to 90....

Finding Balance

My sweet Rowan had his first cranial sacral and Reiki treatment yesterday.  We see Bobbie Baird at In Body Bliss and she is amazing!

Rowan was hilarious :) He was wide eyed, cooing, smiling, laughing even and talking away. He was a little off center in his shoulders and head and responded so well to being adjusted.   I really wanted to have him balanced and have all that "bad mojo" from the hospital removed :) We will also be heading to the chiropractor next week.

Apparently most babies from the nicu are not willing to be worked on but Rowan was very willing.  I think it is because he already knew Bobbie from her treating me though my pregnancy :) He absolutely loved her and he does not respond to "strangers" like that.   He even laid on my belly while she worked on me.  It was lovely...Mommy has A LOT more work to be done. After all I went through this summer I am amazed it isn't worse!  But, since I was in a great place back in June it won't take very long to get back there :)  I am so looking forward to that feeling of balance again. 

Bobbie was holding him and said "yes, he is just who we knew he was, that strong, masculine but very tender little man, he is just so perfect".  That he is....

Balance and Love. That it what we are going for...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Farwell Summer: Hike at Silver Lake

  We headed up to Silver Lake for a day of hiking fun.  As we were leaving the neighborhood, Josh was walking home from work.  He decided to jump in the van and join us...I told him his shirt matched the Aspen trees :)

 We saw 2 moose, a bull and a cow, hanging out by the trail....

 I decided to try out the stroller with day little man we will be running again! It was kind of freaking me out the way his head bounced as we went over the wood path so I eventually put him in the moby....

  Of course we saw  lots of friendly ducks... and a few fish

 And lots of cool caterpillars...

Willow's favorite spot is this granite rock wall...she has become quite the climber!

Waking up and realizing he is not in someones arms :)

So into the moby wrap for another trip around the lake :)
 This time we saw tons of deer...

 And back to the rock wall...atop her perch where she is most happy :)

 Rowan was much happier tucked in here...and he always gets lots of attention :)  People always ask how old he is and when I say he is 3 months( in this case) they look so puzzled...then I have to explain that he should only be 3 weeks and so on...I think I may just start referring to him as his adjusted age! I can't tell you how many people said to me that I was "brave" for hiking with such a little one...ok, yeah, if I had just had him 3 weeks ago I probably would not be hiking, but he came 3 months ago and we spent the entire summer in a hospital so I am he is a little nature boy and loves to be outside!

Cute little chipmunks and squirrels were everywhere....

And cute little tree dwelling sprites too :)

 We could have stayed all day....

Life is good...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Looking cool in his tiny hospital gown :)
Little Rowan ended up with 2 Inguinal Hernias :(  When they told me in the nicu that he had developed them I was like what?  I thought you got those from heavy lifting...and I thought you have to be old?? They asked if David or Josh had them as they are common in families...but neither one of them have ever had a hernia.  They say they are common in boy preemies but no one can convince me otherwise that they were due to his breastmilk being fortified and causing him extreme constipation. He was constantly bearing down and just pushed his intestines right through the open holes.  My hatred for that fortification is beyond words...But, what was done was done and they had to be repaired.  Surgery is the cure so we headed to Primary Children's Hospital.

All in all they were pretty great.  I only have 2 complaints.  One was that we ended up having to wait nearly 5 hours instead of 4 and keeping Rowan happy with no food was a task.  Although, my sweet easy going babe did not complain once! He just kept looking at me with big eyes sucking away on the pacifier from the nicu. I was glad I held onto it for this reason.  He was looking at me like "you are holding me, I am sucking, so where's the milk? "  He was fascinated by the paintings on the ceiling of the waiting room :) And again, thank god for the moby wrap.  It is way better than any pouch sling I had with my other kids. My other complaint was that it was FREEZING in the recovery room and in our overnight room. I was wishing I had a big sweatshirt and pants.  I just kept wrapping Rowan in blankets. 

When it was time for the surgery, the anesthesiologist came and walked with us back to the OR.  She had 27 weeker twins so she knew what we had been through in the nicu.  ( It is amazing to me how many people I have met with preemies...when my older 4 were little I didn't know anyone with a preemie. )
We gave him lots of hugs and kisses and then handed him over...I of course was a bawling mess.... They took him back and gave him some "anesthesia gas" to breathe to put him to sleep before they did the IV sedation.  He was in surgery for about 1 hour and all went well.  He has 2 little incisions at the base of his belly that have internal stitches that will dissolve.  They "painted" over the incisions with what looks like clear nail polish to protect them from wet diapers.

Before I knew it they were calling me back to recovery and then less than 5 minutes later they moved us into our room for the night.  I say room with exaggeration.  It was more like a cave/closet. When they first took me there I said" is this my room for the night"  I must have looked shocked.  They moved the crib out after we explained that we co sleep and Rowan would not be laying in there. They were nice enough to bring us a patient bed and we didn't even get the lecture of the "dangers of co sleeping".  The bed was too long for the room so it had to be in there at an angle lol :) 

We asked  if they would let us go home but the anesthesiologist wanted his system to be clear of the drugs before went home.  Rowan never had any apnea spells in the nicu and had been off oxygen for a month and I knew he would do great...and he did :)  He was at 100% most of the night and barely dropped to 98%. I know as well as they many co sleepers/ap parents out there know, that sleeping with your babe and wearing your babe helps with regulating their breathing.  David tried to convince them that we would not be putting him in a crib in another room alone or even putting him down for that matter, but they wanted to observe...oh well...

This is it for hospitals. We are done...we just have to go back for a post op appointment in 6 weeks.  I told Rowan he has seen the inside of hospitals enough for his lifetime so he will never have to go again! I hope that counts for me too :)

Looking forward to a happy baby that no longer has to push poop through intestines that are in the wrong place!

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