Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nursing Babe!

 Today we started non nutritive breastfeeding ( I pump first and see how he handles latching on)  He did great!  Tomorrow we begin breastfeeding and hopefully he will catch on fast and we will be home soon :) He has had issues with breathing but they have slowly weaned his oxygen flow from 5 to 3 liters and we are working it down to 0! They usually don't start feedings by mouth until they are below 2 liters but Rowan is so ready :)

 He was so awake today, following our voices and looking around at everything!

I love this sweet little man!

 He has discovered his tongue :)

 So happy :)

There is that man with that camera again!

 And then he was out like a light...
 He is growing, growing stong!  5 lbs, 14 oz....7 weeks old, 36.2 gestational age...We are getting there!


Katrina said...

Sweetest most precious angel boy with his beautiful mama!! Love you two so much. -Katrina

Katrina said...

Sweetest most precious angel boy and his beautiful mama!! Love you two so much. -Katrina

Jen S said...

I'm so happy for you! These pictures made me cry. I'll only partly blame that on my own pregnancy hormones though ;). You have all been on an incredible journey!

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