Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yep, I'm Mom Enough

I LOVE this....not for the fact that it is designed to grab your attention but because this is normal.  This is real. 

I was laughing reading the comments because I am sure many of those people know someone that nurses a toddler or beyond and they just don't know it. By the time my kids were this age they weren't asking to nurse out in public.

On our recent trip to Oregon we were listening to the radio and it kept going to commercial saying that the head of the health department wants to increase the breastfeeding rates of children there to 6 months and that over 2 million dollars had been allocated for the project.  6 months? really, ok, I guess that is a start but what about the fact that the world health organization says a healthy baby, a lucky baby, is breastfed for 2 years. And in Oregon of all places? I was a La Leche League Leader in Oregon and it seemed like everyone breastfed, especially coming from Memphis where no one did.  

David told me about an NPR story he was listening to that was talking about our health as a world and that the sickest children were from countries where the breastfeeding rates were low or nonexistent (like Nigeria) where as the healthiest children were from Sweden, Norway, Denmark where the average age of weaning is 3-4 years.  Even though the county of Malawi is much poorer than Nigeria their people are a healthier people because their breastfeeding rates are much higher.  All I can say is my kids are rarely sick.  I also attribute that to not vaccinating them but that is a whole other story :)

This article isn't just about breastfeeding though.  It is about attachment parenting.  I have had so many people ask me "where are you putting the baby" knowing that we are bursting at the seams over here in the house.  I just smile and say "well you know us, we are those weird co sleepers" :)  But we are not weird.  I did not bring my babies into the world to stick them in a crib in another room to cry it out.  That breaks my heart. And that is weird to me!

I know attachment parenting isn't the  "norm" but it is around here.  So yes Rowan will be worn the sling, he will sleep with me and David, he will breastfeed on demand and will wean himself when he is good and ready. You won't know when that is unless you ask me ;)


Stephanie said...

It might be that that picture is meant to shock, but when you look at it, you go "Aaw--he's so little. Only two or three!"
I like that certain things seem totally "the norm" to us.... no kids we know being in school... co-sleeping (at 10 and 6)... kids being listened to carefully, and never treated with derision... kids free (and encouraged) to be Who They Are... pretty great that these things are just the way it Is in our world. :)

Jen S said...

Gabe asked me today, "Do you still have that nursing thing for the new baby?" He meant the sling I used to carry him in - I was such a proud mama that a) he remembered being nursed and carried in a sling (well he was four when he weaned, but whatever), and that b) he wanted to make sure the new baby will have the same honor. And yeah, we don't have any rooms for a new baby, either, but that really doesn't matter when he/she will sleep with me for the first 2 years or so :)

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