Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Josh celebrated his 19th birthday last Thursday...and Friday...and Saturday...oh and I guess you can say Monday too since he had Banbury Cross with his D and D group... That is how we do things around here :)

 Dwarven rune dice...

 The Pathfinder core rulebook...

 And his fancy new Windows phone that he is never without now, although I have no pictures... :)

 For dinner he chose Rodizio Grill so that we could all partake in the meat fest :)

Mara eating a chicken heart...needless to say she found the texture disgusting!

Pleeaassseee don't tell them it's my birthday... lol

 Too late :)
 Drumming, music, clapping and flan :)

 The next day was date night...the theme, Josh's Birthday Party :)  Willow wanted the Barbie Princess sign and sine David wrapped the gifts in pink sparkle bags it was fitting :)

 David made pizza dough for an army including my gluten free batch :)

Willow made him a sweet card complete with a $2 bill...
 Then the Cobb's arrived...and the festivities began...Becca on the fiddle!

 Angry pizza man lol
 Xbox haze...

I'm not sure what happened here but it makes me laugh :)

Josh's turn on the fiddle :)

 When the wine ran out, the boys headed to Epic for the good stuff...

Then it was time to torture...I mean sing to the Birthday boy...

Don't worry, there was no partaking of alcohol by pregnant women or children...we just like to torture Josh :)

 The cake of flames...

The day Becca went off her gluten free diet...we won't speak of it ;)

 Nothing says trampoline time like consuming copious amounts of pizza, strawberry cake, cookies and creme ice cream and lemonade :)

Juniper "yeah, here they go again..."

More presents...

 And then the game from seriously, Drakkon...don't ever buy it, it is evil!
This was about 1 in the morning and the old folks were headed to the trampoline to sleep and the oldies went to bed!

He had a great party.  I can't believe he is 19!

We love you Josh!

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