Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Car Return to Oregon

My oldest and youngest...for now :)
Over the Holiday's David flew out to Portland and drove Aspen's car back here to do some work on it. He ended up replacing the sunroof, replacing a door that some jerk backed into and drove away, painting the hood, roof and new door, doing work on the oil catch?, transmission flush, oil change and air filter change, rewiring the radio, replacing the blinker relay and hazard relay, replacing one of the headlights, getting new tires,  and doing something with the fuel system... I know nothing about cars but David loves his Volvo's :)  Needless to say it was a totally different car we drove back out to her!

I kept myself busy with knitting on the 12 hour journey.  Here is Rowan's breast hat :)

The day after we arrived we took Willow to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I had realized one day that she had never been!  I knew that my budding wildlife biologist would love it so another drive in the car took us to Newport.
She had so much fun!

Her favorite part, as with the Living Planet Aquarium here in Salt Lake, was the touch pools...

We were here for about an hour.

Crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers, sea anemones, abalone and much more...she was in heaven!

David was too :)  It was the first time he has really been able to play with his new camera :)

This is the actual size these Japanese crabs can get if left alone...freaky!

Bird feeding...

This crazy bird flew right at David :)

Sea lion feeding...

Then it was off to Passages of the Deep to warm up!  It was freezing and raining, of course :)

Passages of the Deep was the home of Keiko, the Killer Whale.  Now it is home to tons of other sea life.

I look as tired as I felt!  12 hours in the car, sleeping in a hotel bed and being 23 weeks pregnant at 40 do not go well together! lol...and my hair does not like humidity! lol I was starting to get my curls back :)

Willow loves the rays!

After the aquarium it was off to Mo's for the absolute best clam chowder!

And then a walk down to see the sea lions...There were only 5 this time and they were napping :)

Willow really wanted to walk out to the ocean so we pulled over at Beverly Beach...

Cold does no even begin to describe the wind!

We didn't last long out there :)

On Friday we didn't take any pictures... I went to the Hanna Andersson outlet to get some of the cutest clothes ever for Rowan and Willow.  When we lived in Portland, my kids were always in their Hanna' fact, Aspen still wears some of her Pj's!  Then we met our dear friends over at Better Late Than Never for lunch and an early birthday celebration for my dear friend Katrina! I was so bummed we didn't take any pictures. 

 The next day was a travel day...literally! We took to Max train to the airport which takes an hour but Willow enjoyed it :)

 It was a passing view of downtown Portland :)

And then it was onto the plane for a quick flight home :)

We had such a great time seeing Aspen and our friends.  There are so many things we miss about living in Portland.  However, the older I get the more acclimated to the sun I have become.  I just don't think I could do the 9 months of rain anymore.  I used to thrive in the rain, we did everything outside and our wet soggy clothes didn't bother us one bit. The older I get the less tolerant to cold and dampness I am :)  I guess one day I will end up in Arizona surrounded by cactus! lol 

Until next time...

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